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17 Jun

Azure Now Offers an Internet of Things Hub

Folio1 Collaborative Development

As part of our continuing look at Microsoft insights, we want to present some recent interesting developments in Azure Cloud where they continue to bring new updates for their users. One great thing about Azure Cloud is how carefully Microsoft listens to the needs of their users and brings continual improvements.

A recent add-on feature for Azure is an Internet of Things hub that takes into account the connected devices many companies have.

What will this do to help with communications between devices and the cloud, or vice versa?

Securing Your Communications

Sometimes you have to communicate on mobile devices to place data into the cloud for later reference. Other times, it's the other way around and you need to access data on a mobile device while working in the field.

Microsoft understood these challenges and realized integrating IoT technology into Azure would enable automated ways to exchange data between devices and the cloud.

Since these data transfers require governmental compliance, the new IoT hub is going to assure all data transfers occur with complete security. In turn, they'll protect all user information, including if working with sensitive governmental data.

Per-Device Security and Access Control

To enhance the security aspect, the Azure IoT feature is going to let you bring security to individual devices. This also gives you access control to help manage who uses a mobile device and the data used. 

In a time when you're probably using a "Bring Your Own Device" policy in the workplace, being able to control all your devices with an automated IoT system is a truly revolutionary method. It's not surprising Microsoft would innovate on this before anyone else.

Connecting to IoT Devices

You may need to connect to an IoT device in another location. Azure's IoT feature is going to open a stronger communication portal to gain data from other devices in an instant.

When you're constantly on the go and have no time for meetings, being able to analyze data in an instant on your smartphone or tablet is the convenience Microsoft provides. They even include an SDK device to retrieve this data in different languages.

While intended for governmental organizations, you can use this new feature in any type of office environment. In a time when IoT security is still a concern, adding Microsoft's Azure to the mix just made secure connections more widely available.

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