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12 May

Achievements of Including Sitefinity Features in a Site and Mobile App

Sitefinity Achievements

Technology is dynamic, and whenever companies or individuals fail to keep up with the speed of change in this field, they lag behind in various ways. Therefore, continuous improvement of various technological applications is critical to remain abreast such changes. Progress Sitefinity is one of those applications that require constant updates.

Looking back at Sitefinity's progress after introduction of the main features of the CMS, you will note that improvement lacks over a particular period in the past. However, with a plan to enhance the experience on this platform, Sitefinity's focus is now on developing a capturing site, and a dedicated mobile app. Here are the results of taking this course of action.

Availability of All Features on the Same Page

Developers work better when they have everything in one place, and Sitefinity is now making that possible. Multiple features are now available on one codebase. Individuals get a better understanding of structuring and combining such elements when building a complex and massive site. These functions include events, blogs, forums, and news which have new layouts and navigation categories currently.

Better Site Design

The version in use previously by Sitefinity is not in line with what the market requires at the moment. That is the reason why its new model avails a better feel and look. Specific endpoints for mobile apps are available in the latest version in addition to what you find in the first version. As such, there is a distinct difference between the old and current version in response to current trends in site design.

Improved Technology

Contrary to what is the case with version one that depends on WebForms, everything appears in MVC and Feather in the second version. The version promotes site responsiveness since MVC and Feather are lighter and faster. Contact us now for more details.

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