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24 Aug

3 Reasons Why You Need to Set Access Limits with Microsoft Active Directory


Even if you reduce your directory of objects to printers, the problems of universal access are limitless. Instead of trying to create shortcuts, manual limitations, or hard-lined connections, use a robust directory tool that can limit access. Here are three reasons why onboarding Microsoft Active Directory should be your next project:

1. Universal access is inconvenient.

Nobody wants access to every single printer available in a transnational, multi-million dollar company. Nobody wants everyone else to have access to their office's printer, either. It's an organizational nightmare. At best, people have to scroll to the right one after every hard reset. More likely, urgent copies of documents will be directed to the wrong printers every day. 

This can significantly slow down business and cause confusion, to say nothing of wasted resources.

2. Universal access is a physical security risk.

Even though those extra printed copies are initially an inconvenience, they can quickly become a security nightmare. Your legal and human resources departments are printing copies of extremely sensitive information every day. Many of the information databases they use or the ongoing negotiations can't be seen by others, even internal employees. When anyone can accidentally send a printing request to a printer across the world or a potentially unsecured front office, that risk already violates many PII regulations and potentially your company's Master Services Agreements with existing customers.

3. Universal access is a cybersecurity risk.

Every printer has a history. Some allow everyone to reprint unprotected documents. At the point where everyone can access every printer, both in the network and for general use, everyone can see the histories. Limiting access so people can only see the local objects limits that possibility. A tool like Microsoft Active Directory also lets you fine-tune control so no one has that visibility except for you and designated department heads.

For more reasons to start using Active Directory, contact our team today.

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