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User Experience Design

Supercharge Customer Retention with an Impeccable User Experience Design

According to Forrester, every dollar invested in user experience design brings an ROI of 9900%. Do your website and software have what it takes?

We live in a world where patience is thin and instant gratification is a demand of both consumers and business customers alike. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in or who your target audience is – if you can’t deliver the user experience they expect, you’ll end up turning away prospects in droves. That’s what makes user experience (UX) design an integral part of the software- and web-development process.

What Is User Experience Design?

It’s often said that it only takes three seconds to keep people on a website or using a mobile app. However, it’s no longer enough for a user interface to just look the part – it also needs to offer a flawless user experience. In other words, you can have the most robust, cutting-edge and secure application or website in the world, but it’s all for nothing if end users can’t get what they want and need out of it.

User experience design is all about putting the end user in the front seat throughout the development process, even if they don’t know it themselves. From accessibility to usability to rock-solid software integrations, it all boils down to making customer satisfaction a priority. UX design also applies to internal back-office software, in which usability has a knock-on effect on employee productivity and morale.

Benefits of User Experience Design

Reach a Wider Audience

The most complicated yet rewarding area of UX design is making a website look great on any device. For example, some people prefer to browse online stores using a mobile device but might use a desktop for making purchases. Others prefer it the other way around, while an increasing number of consumers are now mobile-only. Prioritising cross-platform usability helps you tap into the widest possible audience.

Maximise Return on Investment

UX design can keep development costs down while still delivering an enormous ROI. For example, rapid prototyping of UX-stage deliverables allow you to estimate costs more accurately and avoid the development of unnecessary features. Furthermore, when the result is a website or application that’s easy to use and a pleasure to look at, you have a far higher chance of converting first-time users into customers.

Motivate Your Users

You can have the best content in the world, but it’s not likely to get you very far if it isn’t presented in a way that encourages people to stay on the page (or in the app) and interact. A robust UX design motivates users to interact with your website or app which in turn generates data that you can translate into valuable insights. Moreover, UX design provides a personalised touch to help you build meaningful relationships.

Increase Brand Loyalty

UX design doesn’t just help attract new visitors to your website or downloads of your app – it also retains them and, as any business leader knows, returning users can turn into loyal customers. Because UX design provides the development strategy you need to identify bottlenecks and increase retention rates, it helps continuously improve your apps and websites in line with evolving customer demands.

Maximise Employee Productivity

UX isn’t only important to your customers – it’s also important for your employees. A common complaint in the workplace is a lack of user-friendly software, which leaves a significant dent in staff productivity and morale. Whether you’re developing internal applications and integrations or building a corporate intranet for employees to access across a global corporation, ease of use and functionality are critical for success.

Our Offer

folio1 provides a team of experienced software engineers and UX designers to help ensure that all your digital assets work seamlessly together.

We can help with:
  • Customer User Experience UI/UX/CX
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Creative Process development/workshop
  • Maximise mobile experiences - mobile first
  • Development of design system (Atomic)
  • Multivariate Testing (MV) Testing
  • End to end prototyping (UXPin)
  • Deliver the customer experiences your users demand

Are poor user experiences getting in the way of your opportunities to grow?

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