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The world is increasingly becoming a digital environment where individuals interact remotely in most of their dealings. This environment brings an aspect of convenience that most people desire as they live a busy life. Currently, customers and vendors are finding value in online relations that have now become a norm.

The most important aspect of these relationships is the experience that clients have as they interact with online vendors. Therefore, it is important for all suppliers to guide the buying process from the early stages in the best way possible to satisfy their clients. Satisfaction is possible only if you discover the behavior of customers so you can personalize content, experience, and relations. Here are some aspects that a reliable digital experience cloud constitutes.

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Knowledge of the audience you are targeting helps you understand what they need and their attitude. Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud avails such details as the behavior, characteristics, and background of your contacts. With these details, it is possible to come up with information that captures your target audience better. You can also set marketing metrics to filter contacts and decide on the information your contact profiles can access.


Realizing higher conversion rates on your site depends on effective interaction with those who visit your website. Effective interaction refers to the client's journey which directly impacts on calls, clicks, and their activity whenever they visit your site. Consequently, that gives you a better understanding of their behavior.

Optimization of the customer journey requires you to focus on opportunities that exist both at a segmented and collective level. As a result, that focus will improve customer experience, enhance relationships, and eventually increase conversion rates.

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Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the method you use to rank prospective clients as you consider probability of realizing conversions from these customers. Achieving the most from this process requires marketing executives to work together with the sales department to identify the communication channels to use for target customers, classify their contacts, and establish what communication will target their prospective clients best.

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