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Sitefinity 10

Why Upgrade?

Are your software systems communicating with each other and working together to give you the information you need to efficiently manage and grow your business?

Digital Asset Managers and Marketers are more directly accountable for business results than ever before, but connecting digital strategy to bottom-line results has been considered science fiction - until now.

folio1 makes it easy for all your systems to ‘talk’ to each other - saving you time, energy and money. Whatever industry you’re in, folio1 helps you to get the most out of your software and systems investment by ensuring they integrate seamlessly and communicate cleanly.

Sitefinity 10

Secure, Smart, Sophisticated

Our Sitefinity development and support services can turn your most complex software integration challenges into new business opportunities.

Our partnership with Progress Sitefinity CMS and hands-on integration expertise give you fast, flexible access to Sitefinity’s leading-edge technology fully customised to your needs - reducing time-to-market, improving website management and providing targeted experiences to your customers across brands, regions and languages.

We can deliver you powerful drag-and-drop widgets that enable your marketing team to create and manage complex tasks and content with ease. Increase conversions and generate more leads with one-on-one, personalised customer conversations across the web, email, mobile and social platforms. Let us help you build data bridges between Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Marketo, Microsoft SharePoint and all your core systems.

Software is critical to your business but keeping up to date with the latest version can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. With our ongoing Managed Services we take the hassel out of version control and allow you to focus on the important stuff; growing your business.

folio1 Partners with Progress as a Service Delivery & Integrator Partner.
Progress Partner+

Why Upgrade?

Sitefinity 10 release - learn how new features offer even more to marketers.

Site Warmup

Configure for optimal performance from the very first user visit with the Sitefinity Warmup Tool, which compiles all sitemap pages based on priority and stores them in the output cache.

Export / Import Site Data

streamline new website development by easily moving CMS modules and their data from one Sitefinity instance to another.

Export / Import Site Data

streamline new website development by easily moving CMS modules and their data from one Sitefinity instance to another.

Multisite Data Tracking

isolates customer journey data for individual websites powered by a single CMS instance (codebase) in separate data centres in the Digital Experience Cloud.

MVC-Based Widget Tracking

All MVC-based widgets in the CMS can now send data to the Digital Experience Cloud out of the box.

Site Shield

Developing a website that only the chosen should see before a big bang launch? No problem, activate Sitefinity Site Shield and you are covered. Website Managers can easily invite stakeholders to the secured site and monitor when they access the site and from what devices. No need for stakeholders to be CMS users. Great for product managers and web agencies that need to secure approval from end clients and legal teams.

Improved Diagnostic Tools

next level by introducing more granular profiling for MVC-based widgets, improved SQL database profiling without impact on site performance and support for Razor templates compilation, site restarts and network load balanced (NLB) requests profiling. Reporting data size can be limited through configuration.

Complete Cache Control

always serve the latest content to your visitors Azure Cloud Support Improvements for developers.

SVG Image Support

deliver an optimal visitor experience across mobile devices without technical assistance or security concerns.

Persona Scoring Improvements

attribute all initial and repeat user visits to a website section to a persona profile, enabling delivery of more targeted experiences.


Sitefinity CMS supports out-of-the box integration with the following identity providers:- Windows authentication (based on LDAP)- ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services)Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn & GitHubYou can also extend Sitefinity CMS to support any OpenId Connect external provider.

Health Check

The Sitefinity health check API endpoint helps to easily get the current status of a website in terms of database access, NLB communication, Internet connectivity and Redis access. Easily integrates with your existing monitoring solution with a simple call to the API.

Sitefinity - Digital Experience Cloud

Is your business getting maximum leverage from its Sitefinity investment?

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud add-on provides an end-to-end solution and gives your team a single marketing command centre to drive growth. Achieve measurable impact across all your channels by analysing and optimizing every customer experience interaction.

Free up your marketing people to focus on increasing traffic, conversions and revenue!

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About folio1

folio1 provides the digital experience strategy, technical expertise and innovation to create cross-platform integrations that will give your business the critical customer experience edge.

folio1 makes software work for you and drive your business forward by getting maximum mileage out of your software and systems through seamless integration.

We help you address business challenges from digital strategy and total service portal development, to data stream integration, managed services, cloud hosting; and ERP and integration systems development.

We help to refine and implement your needs for improving workflows, streamlining communications, providing world-class customer service and sustained market leadership.

We makes software work for your business

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