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Oct 13, 2017

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK Available Now

Microsoft recently released their Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and now the SDK for this major upgrade is available to mainstream developers as well.  The SDK is due out on October 17 of this year.  With this release, those developers who were a part of the Windows Insider Program will now be able to release their games, apps and updates for access by the public, while those developers outside the insider program will be able to take a look at the thousands of improvements and new capabilities found in the SDK.  

An exciting feature available for Windows 10 developers is the ability to enable their apps to connect from the Android OS and iOS to Windows PCs, such as laptop and desktop models.  Additional great features include new tools that developers can use to build apps for Microsoft's Mixed Reality, Microsoft's new design system, Fluent Design, and additional tools to help developers modernize their current apps more easily.  Lastly, Microsoft has added the features, Graph and Project Rome to enable developers to drive user engagements across platforms, apps and devices.  Among other things, these two new features will enable "device relay" and "activity feed".  Device relay is as its name implies; it allows a user to pick up where they left off on another device. The other, activity feed, allows a user to continue an activity they were performing in the past, either now or in the future.

With this new SDK, it will be interesting to observe how the fuel it provides to the creative minds of developers will result in an incredible new level of technological innovation.
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