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Aug 29, 2017

What is new in the world of Microsoft

Microsoft’s ability to stay relevant and ahead of the pack is more than just a fortunate occurrence; it is a product of the focus, determination, and deliberate effort of the technology company.

It is no surprise that this year, at Microsoft Build 2017, the tech giant amped up its tech campaign by announcing developments that surprised everyone.

What is new in the world of Microsoft

The following is a recap of the biggest announcements from the event.

Story Remix: introducing Windows 10’s Story Remix. This impressive video editing app will help you create instant video stories with just a few clicks. With Story Remix, you can merge your media, music, photos, and videos, with 3D effects to produce videos of professional quality in just a matter of minutes and share them on YouTube, Facebook, or via email and OneDrive. It also allows you to restyle and add a personal touch to videos and make them feel like your own.

The Fall Creators Update

Expected to arrive in September, the next big Windows update promises cross-device experience. The Creators Update comprises the Timeline feature that enables users to resume work where they left off. Although Apple’s Handoff also allows you to start a project on your smartphone and continue on your laptop, or vice versa, Timeline also lets users seamlessly transition between Windows 10, iOS, and Android without the hassle of file transfer, unlike Handoff’s limitation to Apple devices.

Other new additions are:

Microsoft did not reveal all of the new features in the Fall Creators Update, so expect to see more exciting additions before the launch in September.

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