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Nov 9, 2017

Radical Changes Resulting from Automation

Automation was unpopular sometime ago as people thought it intended to replace the human resource with machines and software leading to depersonalized workplaces. However, with the swift technological advancement, it is evident that automation is essential in today’s digital world. It goes further than just replacing human labor but also improves efficiency in the workplace. Automation brings with it several benefits to workers and companies as discussed below.

Working nonstop especially on clerical tasks could be dull, monotonous and tiresome for employees. Automation is advantageous because it takes on these tedious and prolonged tasks with high accuracy and efficiency as it eliminates human error. Employees can, therefore, shift their focus to more exciting and vital projects that uphold ideas and enable growth and advancement for both the individual and the company. Such working conditions are desirable and boost employee morale in the workplace, increasing efficiency.  

Software and machines are not entirely self-sufficient as they still require human beings to control, operate and maintain them. New career opportunities, therefore, emerge from automation and results in a job with more responsibility and technical knowledge for the employees. Running an automated system can add a new layer of accountability and perhaps serve as the beginning of a new career.

As opposed to completely taking over tasks formerly carried out by human beings, automated processes are such that they work cooperatively with the labor force. Collaborative robotic systems and employees work harmoniously to realize company goals. Completion of tasks is consequently faster and easier freeing up time for the employee to advance and carry out other jobs. Naturally, anything that makes employees' jobs easier will enhance their fulfillment. Satisfied employees are more useful, so including automation will be beneficial to any organization.

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