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Jan 12, 2017

Microsoft's New Connected Car Cloud Platform

Smart cars are becoming more and more common, so it only makes sense that developers would seize the opportunity to implement their own platforms for these cars of the future to run on. The latest company to enter this arena is Microsoft, who recently announced the launch of a new cloud platform for connected cars. While they have no plans to begin manufacturing their own smart cars, they have aspirations of being the go to network for smart cars in the future. They've already partnered with both Renault-Nissan and BMW, and plan to partner with other automakers in the future.

A Platform, Not A Product

Microsoft doesn't consider their new platform to be a finished product. They see it as a platform, developed on top of the Azure software, that can be a constantly evolving and adaptable platform. For example, their partnership with BMW is mainly focused on developing the BMW Connected platform independent of Microsoft's network. This means that the software could be adapted and used by different automakers for a variety of different uses and won't be completely tied to the Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft hopes this flexibility will be the key to gaining market share in this very new and exciting market.


Microsoft's connected car platform is an early sign of things to come, with more software developers eyeing the growing industry of connected transportation. Whether Microsoft's early attempt will lead to them beating the competition remains to be seen. For more tech news, consider contacting us today.