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Mar 4, 2017

Microsoft New Healthcare Partnership Initiative

Recently, Microsoft announced a new health-focused initiative with partners to help integrate new strategies in the health sector to transform the industry with artificial intelligence, research capabilities, and industry expertise.

While the healthcare industry is one of the most critical industries, it has remained one with the most challenges regarding the running of activities. For that, Microsoft has decided to partner with healthcare providers to come up with a long-lasting solution with the primary goal of this collaboration being creation of a new wave of innovation and impact using Microsoft artificial intelligence and global scale cloud.    

Health Vault Insights       

The new research-based initiative will allow health providers generate patient data, drive care plans and encourage patient engagements using the latest technology advances in machine learning. The system will promote innovative solutions for patients' adherence to provider care plans, hence improving services altogether.     

Microsoft Genomics   

Using an Azure power Genomics analysis, samples get processed, and questions answered fast and easy in a well-orchestrated manner in a way patients and health providers understand.   

Microsoft artificial intelligence chat box technology   

This technology will allow partners to build artificial intelligence powered conversations using healthcare tools; hence patients have access to healthcare information irrespective of time. The technology will help patients learn a few things about the condition before they meet the doctor.       

Project inner eye   

Also, an artificial intelligence powered project, this is a software tool for radiotherapy training, and its goal is to allow the physicians who are to monitor the radiotherapy achieve a 3D view of the patient for better diagnosis hence reducing the time used to assess them manually. Contact us for more information