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Sep 19, 2018

Microsoft is Developing Its Own Game Streaming Service

During the E3 conference that happened on 8th July 2018, Phil Spencer, Microsoft's executive president of gaming announced that they have embarked on a journey to create a game-streaming service that will deliver the best quality gaming experience on any device. Microsoft has reached the point where it wants to take gaming to the global stage of entertainment where it can be accessible to billions of people.

How is Microsoft preparing for this new era of gaming?

Since gaming has become a vibrant force on the internet and more recently on mobile devices, Microsoft is looking at ways in which gaming can rise to the next level. Phil added that Microsoft is focused on using its resources to take gaming to new heights in the near future. As part of the plan, the research and development section of Microsoft is working on developing a gaming AI for the future. The company is geared to build a strong gaming network in the cloud with its cloud engineers.

Phil also added that Microsoft is currently changing the architecture of the Xbox consoles. The E3 conference shed light on how Microsoft, a company that is hailed to make physical goods and software is taking gaming to a whole new level. To paint the picture, Yves Guillemot who is the founder of Ubisoft said that the ability to stream a game on virtually any device was going to change the gaming experience.

How is the cloud going to impact gaming?

EA mentioned that the cloud gaming initiative was going to allow gamers and other device users the capacity to play high-end games on smart TVs, smartphones, and low-end laptops. Phil Spencer also added that Microsoft is geared to make gaming an available service to everyone who wants to play a game on any device. This is by far the most significant hint we can get on how cloud gaming is going to take shape.

In summary, the gaming world is taking a new step into the future and gaming fans are eager to see what the future holds. For more information on how the gaming world is changing, contact us.