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Oct 31, 2016

Latest Trends in the World of Web Development

With dynamic frameworks, evolving technologies, and powerful tools of development, the web development industry looks more promising than ever before. This has led to creation of easy to use applications that are taking many by storm. It is through these ever evolving technologies that web development is moving to a new level, creating exclusive applications and technologies that have made life less tedious.

So, what is trending?

Internet of things

Internet of things has revolutionized app development. The use of this technology projects to grow as it has made it possible for smart objects to link to the internet. More data exchange is taking place and web developers are able to come up with phenomenal user interfaces that enable better communication amongst gadgets.

Full-screen navigation

This is a feature that has made mobile devices interfaces is more user-friendly. The technology works by allowing the mobile user to use the whole screen even after diverging from another page.

Real-time becomes real

There is a general increase in the number of apps that work in real-time. Live streaming is becoming crucial than has never been the case before, a fact attributed to the rise in the usage of apps like Periscope.

Complex security systems

As everything goes mobile including sensitive things like mobile banking, the security systems of mobile devices are developing as a match for potential system invasions.

JavaScript will become the defacto language of web development. No language has witnessed development of phenomenal applications like java has done. JavaScript has made it possible to come with in-browser tools that have witnessed the rise of importance of the browser. As anticipated by most pundits, Java is here to stay. The process of web development is a lot easier and even more efficient with the above technologies. Contact us today for more emerging web development ideas.