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Jan 12, 2018

How the Internet of Things will Impact the Trucking and Logistics Industry

The Internet of Things is a significant movement in which more and more products are becoming connected to the Internet. Thus far, the Internet of Things has had a major impact on our lives in a lot of ways and is expected to continue to develop in the future. One industry that has continued to be positively impacted by the Internet of Things is the shipping and transportation industry.


End-to-End Visibility

The shipping and transportation industry will continue to benefit from the Internet of Things through improved end-to-end visibility. To maximize efficiency and profitability, all companies in the transportation and logistics industry need to have an efficient supply chain. Through a variety of connected systems, logistics companies will soon receive real-time data on products, inventory, and available shipping. This will then allow them to make improved decisions to improve their efficiency.


Fleet Management

The shipping and transportation industry is also using technology to improve fleet management. Today, many trucks share one connected network that reports locations, traffic conditions, weather patterns, and a variety of other factors. This allows a logistics company to provide more accurate delivery estimates than ever before and reduce the amount of time spent waiting for a truck to arrive.


Truck Maintenance

In the near future, semi-trucks will all be able to provide real-time data about their condition. This data can be used by a fleet owner to identify maintenance needs. They can then better manage their fleet by accurately predicting which trucks will need repairs and when.  


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