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Mar 21, 2018

Gartner Research on 'cloud-based services.'

The use of legacy software is often tied to over-customized applications and programs that cause inefficient workflows The culprit resides in the array of non-integrated, "software silos."  

Moreover, when these legacy systems no longer are 'working,' then the approach is often to simply invest in more non-integrated software, as James Rondeau in his Workforce Management blog notes:

"This reactionary approach creates a workforce management system that grows inefficient over time with the introduction of further patchwork and siloed solutions."

Ultimately, and to further that premise, Gartner points to the neglect given to "social marketing" opportunities when silos of content and data remain bricked off from departments, vendors and, lo, the customer.

That's why the everything-cloud remains the great disrupter in the Land of Legacy systems...and why Fortune magazine quotes Gartner Research about the ongoing transformation in the way we connect and engage in the business world. Furthermore, Gartner points out that the "way businesses buy and use technology" is sure to translate to IT spending in the realm of "$216 billion" by the year 2020---up from 2016 projections of $111 billion.

"...many companies ranging from tiny startups to Fortune 500 behemoths that previously bought and maintained their own computer servers, storage, and networking gear in their own data centers are now shifting to having other companies handle it for them."

All-in-all, this trend to more cloud-based services remains "one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending." What's more, and when it comes to data storage, companies will benefit through scalable solutions tailored to their needs. Together, this prompts businesses to operate in a more agile fashion in the face of growing competition.

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