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Jul 9, 2017

Enhanced Security for Windows 10 Enterprise Users

More than a few enterprise users of Microsoft Windows 10 will be relieved to learn that enhanced security features will arrive with Microsoft's upcoming Fall Creators Update.  In this latest development news, Microsoft will specifically address the changing security landscape by hardening up their popular operating system platform to combat a variety of potential attacks.  Look for the following features in Windows 10 later this year.

Windows Defender Application Guard

Microsoft has finally completed this sandboxing technique that will stop potential hackers from gaining access to a machine by way of the browser.  Even if a hacker does penetrate a browser's defenses, the Application Guard is designed to prevent the hacker from gaining further access.

Windows Defender Exploit Guard

With all the data gathered from their users, Microsoft plans to improve this security feature by incorporating a larger set intrusion rules and policies.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Microsoft has decided to continue this feature, which allows security teams to detect and respond to threats.  For protection across platforms, this feature will also cover Windows Server operating systems.  In order to provide advanced protection, this ATP feature will now be linked with cloud-based security services that use advanced analytics and machine learning to understand various threats.

Device Guard

Microsoft will improve their version of this security feature, which allows a company to manage which applications are allowed to run on corporate equipment.  Microsoft plans to integrate this feature with Windows Defender ATP, thus making it easier for security teams to manage.

Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph

Companies can opt into this feature which works by combining billions of data points in order to analyze threats.  Security Graph will allow users to automatically install applications that it deems most likely not a threat.

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