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Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C

Delivery Manageable Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

“Customer demands are growing but your teams’ skills & resources to manage security & compliance is constantly under pressure…”

Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C is an identity management service that enables you to customize and control how customers interact with your application. This interaction includes sign up, sign in, and managing their profiles when customers use your applications. You have the choice of applications for iOS, Android, and .NET, among others. Azure AD B2C enables these actions while protecting your customer identities at the same time.

Key points when starting your AD B2c research

  • How should customers interact with business applications?
  • What is the user interface (UI) experience that I want to provide to customers?
  • Which identity providers do I want to let customers choose from in my application?
  • Does my sign-in process require additional APIs to run?

Core Benefits

Azure AD B2C supports OpenID Connect
OpenID Connect 1.0 is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. It allows Clients to verify the identity of the End-User based on the authentication performed by an Authorization Server, as well as to obtain basic profile information about the End-User in an interoperable and REST-like manner.

Identity Provider
An identity provider is a service that authenticates customer identities and issues security tokens. In Azure AD B2C, you configure a number of identity providers in your tenant, such as a Microsoft accountFacebook, or Amazon among others.

A simple out-of-the-box solution could be a suitable fit for your business. But our recommendation is to workshop your solutions and review the opportunities by developing custom policies on the Identity Experience Framework (IEF) bring to the table could be the right fit for your business solutions.

One other big advantage is that is part of Azure Active Directory (AD) which has been around for years and most enterprise companies are using office 365. And already have their employers on the directory so, having the ability to allow local base identity providers can also become an advantage on understanding further details on users or employers across all systems in one central location.

Omni channel

When starting your journey in developing a solution in your Omni channel strategy there are core areas that need to be taken in to account.

The Omni channel approach is several applications or systems that a customer would use across your business service. Each service, application needs to be seamlessly integrated to provide the best user experience.

No customer in today digital world wants to be signing into several applications to complete a process or service today. SSO single sign on approach is the solution providing Single login interface for all applications across your business operations.

options

options

As part of your strategy it’s recommended to understand that each system/application may also require different information from each customer/user to validate, authenticate to allow access or to complete the process of the service. With this said we need to move into understanding the solution of data and how data is managed, how it can be integrated from one app/system to another. And keep it all secured from cyber-attacks.

Progressive profiling

Azure B2c Progressive profiling

Review in action AD B2c & B2B flows

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Why Azure B2C?

  • Simplifying access - Build your Omni channel approach
    Single sign-on (SSO) & support for all the major social identity providers, including Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and more. This ensures a seamless user experience, security and compliance across social users.

  • Secured - Enterprise Authentication
    Robust security controls, including built-in threat detection and multi-factor authentication (Azure MFA), email & SMS validation which offers peace of mind that your customers identity is always protected & secure.

  • Integration - OpenID Connect to Graph API
    B2C supports open standards to integrate well with all technology stacks. Connect to your applications, your CRM system and website with ease.
  • Cost-effective – At all levels
    Enabling users to manage their own profiles and passwords enhances their experience, but also removes a significant support cost for your organisation.

  • Scalable - Start small & grow
    You can rely on the ability to meet the demand of millions of users and billions of authentications every day – with the assurance that you’ll only ever pay for what you use.

  • Supporting Areas of Azure AD B2c for IT Teams
    Sign in event, user accounts, SSO to sign in azure portal, multi factor authntication (MFA), services password reset & Microsoft authenticator apps.

How we can help

The folio1 team has been able to build & develop solutions that are unique to fit our customer’s needs, which would have taken months to develop from scratch.

Our team has a deep understanding of building complex process flows, based on the expertise & experience we have with Azure B2c Identity experience framework (IEF), custom policy, UIUX, and combining this with graph API backend services integration.

By doing this it provides further flexibility to build very complex user flows for seamless Single Sign-on (SSO) & MFA as part of the Sign-In & Sign-Up process that not just validates a user but allows you to migrate current customers over from an existing system.

Key areas

  • Solution architecture design
  • Deploy Azure AD B2c Setup
  • Azure AD B2c flow development design
  • Proof of concept (POC) development (built-in user flow)
  • UI Design of company branding 
  • Application registrations
  • Seamless Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Identity experience framework (IEF) & Custom Policy Development
  • Define core security, auditing, and governance controls
  • API Management & Integration
  • Solution Consulting

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