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Azure DevOps Services

Building end to end release process for your business

Azure DevOps allows your business to plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with a set of modern dev services.

Businesses have reported 210% up lift in their release process in allowing their teams to ship updates quicker to market. Azure DevOps specialist service partner, providing end to end solutions for your business to release application faster with a set of modern dev services.

Solutions for DevOps

DevOps solution that meets your needs with built-in Azure services such as Azure DevOps. With the combination advantage of open-source DevOps tools to match your unique workflow, then seamlessly integrate them on Azure.

Whether your business application needs a virtual machine, web apps, or Kubernetes, implement DevOps practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), infrastructure as code, and continuous monitoring with Azure and the DevOps tools & services.

Our team of DevOps specialist can help your business build an end to end solution that best fit your application & release cycle.

The DevOps journey at Microsoft

Key areas

  • CICD – Automate the process from end to end
  • Agile – Adopting the agile software development methods, based on your project process
  • Version Control – git repositories to share & collaborate any ware with GitHub
  • Infrastructure as code - Treating infrastructure as code
  • Configuration management – resource configuration across all environments DevOps tools that give you the fixability like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and Azure Automation.
  • Monitoring – health infrastructure happy customers & users, know before your customers do by providing end to end support.

DevOps Release Cycle

How we can help

We provide end to end DevOps services to SMB, large & enterprise companies.

We Specialising In

  • Cloud solution architect & strategy planning
  • Lift & shift from on-premises or current cloud
  • DevOps Azure solution services
  • Ongoing application, cost optimisation, monitoring & cloud support (SLA)
  • Maximise operational support with faster fixes and response times
  • Increase collaboration to boost employee satisfaction
  • Improve the effectiveness of your software solutions
  • CICD Release Automation Solutions
  • Azure API Management CICD Design
  • Business operation release management

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