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15 Jun

You're Missing Out on Customers: Find New Target Markets Quickly with AI

Big Data is impacting every industry. If your company sells software tools, then you have access to your customer's usage patterns, such as peak use times and how they are using the service. If you sell products, you have data about your customers' purchases, order frequency, and franchise (delivery) locations. Even on the surface of the data, this information can help your employees predict future demand. But data also reveals deeper trends.

AI can find profitable patterns in your customer data.

IBM's Watson is an artificial intelligence that has been tested in multiple industries and across all aspects of sales and marketing pipelines. This has fostered the growth of multiple AI systems that can use patterns to help you:

No one knows how artificial intelligence will transform business in the next five years. But it's changing how businesses compile and analyze their data today for smarter profits. Go to folio1 to read more about how artificial intelligence is finding new patterns and opening up new markets in every industry.

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