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20 Jan

Wireless Charging: The Future is Here

The world is changing and more so, regarding reduction of accessories. For starters, wireless transmission has undergone an evolution over the years, from receiving the internet through Wi-Fi to playing music from one device to another through Bluetooth. For a long time, the prospect of wireless charging has remained just a possibility or idea. However, the recent development in technology could change all that.   

Recently, Dell unveiled a Windows 10 computer that gets its power from a wireless charging pad situated on a desktop. Top car developers Ford also announced their bid to conduct tests on wireless vehicle charging. However, despite all these announcements, it is Energous that unveiled the most exciting development.   

How it works   

The Energous ‘WattUp wireless system’ works by beaming up devices using radio frequencies as opposed to magnetic induction used by contact less charging of certain smartphones in the recent years, hence making this system more preferable and likely to succeed. The company already has tested a couple of chargeable devices like hearing aids and Bluetooth trackers. However, the system only works on a small radius of a couple of centimeters.   

The future   

Energous claims that chargeable devices will soon experience a seamless transition from conventional charging through contact based transmitters. With the current biggest WattUp device capable of 700 mAh, plans are underway to develop a larger device to cover greater distances from a few centimeters to four meters.   


For many tech lovers, advent of wireless charging will signify a huge leap from science fiction to reality. The latest development marked a huge milestone into making this dream a reality and from the look of things we could soon say goodbye to USB charging devices.  Contact us for more information.


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