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18 Jun

Windows Mixed Reality, the New Face of Virtual Reality

Folio1 Startup News

With most of the Tech world interested in virtual reality, Microsoft is still at the center of the game so far with their newly released Windows Mixed Reality that combines a variety of virtual reality efficiencies to bring out some masterpiece that changes the world of virtual reality. By partnering with major developer companies like HP, DELL, and ASUS, Microsoft has come out with Windows Mixed Reality which is an upgrade from its previous HoloLens augmented reality headset.    

What’s new?    

While the HoloLens included a visor that let you see your surrounding with a projected hologram and use hand gestures and voice commands to get around the UI, the price tag for the device is not so feasible. The new windows mixed reality incorporates different inputs from the partner companies to bring out a better and cheaper virtual reality headset that is not only feasible but easy to operate. The new windows mixed reality comes with connectivity points for USB, HDMI, and audio jack for more fun.     

How windows mixed reality works    

One good look at the Windows Mixed Reality reveals a combination of Vive, Rift, PSVR, and HoloLens, bringing in different design options to make the product looking sleek and all. The Windows Mixed Reality incorporates various features like the headband looking like the one in PSVR and HoloLens, and the 3D glasses having the same elastic feature as the Vive and Rift.    

The headsets come with the same dual lens display in previous versions but with much improved dual sensors at the front. The sensors work in tandem with installed motion controllers that eliminate the need to set up external sensors around your virtual reality space.    

Developers have touted the project as a plug-and-play experience since it takes a different machine to run the headsets and you will have to tether them to your PC.

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