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22 Nov

Why to Publish Digitally Now, Not Later

The Chinese like to say that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second best time is now. With competitors who have probably already published their literature digitally, every second is urgent. Here are the two main reasons why you should provide your content on a digital publishing platform now, not later.

1. You Can Offer Your Subscriptions through an App

You may feel like your magazine or newspaper is competing with the newest app available, and honestly it is. But rather than allow this to work against you, you can flip it for your benefit. Instead of losing sales to someone else’s app, you can offer your own app if you publish your subscriptions digitally. This one move will bring you to the forefront of the market. This experience design will put your subscriptions in the eyes of thousands of potential readers who would otherwise not even know your company existed.

2. You Will Be Ready for What’s Next

It’s not only necessary to keep up with current trends in the market, in this case with digital publication. But it’s essential to always be prepared for what’s next. And what’s next always grows from what is. Consider digital publication as the example. Books, magazines, newspapers, and other forms of publication were in print years before they became available in digital format. But the print was necessary to have the digital. In other words, what was current then made what is current now possible. Digital publishing is current now. But what about in 5 years? Or 10 years? Will whatever’s next require that you have what is current (digital publishing) to move on to the new market? History shows that it is a strong possibility you will. So, getting involved with what is will prepare you for the cutting edge of what will be tomorrow.

These two reasons are important considerations when deciding whether to publish digitally and should encourage you to do so. The real estate adage is not to wait to buy property but to buy property and wait. The same could be applied here. Don’t wait to get involved with digital publishing. Digitally publish then wait to get involved with what’s around the corner.

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