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4 Nov

Why Select Sitefinity as a CMS for your business

When selecting a CMS for your business, there are many things to consider. Sitefinity offers a complete and well-rounded system that will benefit your business across the board.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should select Sitefinity as a CMS.

1. Sitefinity creates customer loyalty through content personalization.
2. Sitefinity provides the best user experience on the market for both developers and business users alike.
3. It provides an easy way to build pages and forms.
4. It allows easy SEO for your marketing team and gives them complete control.
5. Sitefinity easily meets the needs of businesses by addressing challenges like multisite management, mobile and e-commerce concerns.
6. It provides excellent technical support.
7. It allows for A/B testing of email marketing campaigns to allow help you determine the best way to engage your customers.
8. Sitefinity integrates with Google Analytics to assist you in understanding the effectiveness of your website.
9. Through Sitefinity, you will be able to post messages across multiple social media channels simultaneously and allows for syndication via RSS or Atom.
10. Sitefinity continues to update and improve their product.

What''s new with Sitefinity 8.1?

The newest version of Sitefinity offers a unique and innovative translation management solution. Multilingual companies can now communicate more efficiently with an expert translation of the content on Sitefinity. This new version also supports ASP MVC5 and .NET 4.5 along with 21 new MVC-based widgets designed to increase the ease of delivering web and mobile experiences. It has also improved the ability to personalize within a mobile app based on behavior, providing real-time marketing. Sitefinity has improved usability as well as scalability for email campaigns with the release of 8.1, as well as many other new features and improvements.

For more information on the benefits of Sitefinity and how it can work for you as a CMS, please contact us today.

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