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24 Oct

Why Everyone is Embracing CI And CD Development

folio1 Continuous Delivery

Modern day development practices encompass CI and CD, acronyms that stand for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment respectively. Both methods are powerful tools that automate the testing and deployment of changes to the main branch. 

CI and CD is the new frontier in software development. Major IT companies continue to advocate for application of CI and CD practices in software development projects to ensure timely integration of changes into the present. Ergo, there is an influx of CI and CD development platforms release across significant players in the IT industry

This article will highlight new releases from major IT companies to reaffirm significance of CI and CD platforms.



With Oracle Container Native Application Development Platform, Oracle embraces the next generation of app development and infrastructure. The platform combined Kubernetes management, private registry services, and CI/CD to create a holistic and novel developer experience. The platform is ideal for the control of containers in at IT microservices and server fewer applications.



Euphrates the new release from OPNFV focusses on accelerating network function virtualization through open source NFV transformations to service providers. Euphrates integrates the services of various platforms such as Kubernetes, cross-community CI, and CD and enhances visibility of virtual networks.


Agile Technologies

To make the most out of containers, virtual machines and a complex network of servers or clouds, DevOps is an utter necessity when it comes to the deployment. With DevOps, you can speed up multiple development mechanisms to respond to the growing need to deploy packages promptly. DevOps provides server, storage, and network virtualization for effective CI and CD practices.

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