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22 Nov

Why Businesses are Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Optimized CRM Management


Over the past 30+ years, Microsoft has not only been a household name, but has seemingly been the name among the tech industry. From it's simple beginnings as the pioneer of it's M-DOS operating system, to the vast digital landscape it dominates today, the eclectic, and wide-ranging services/products that Microsoft continues to offer consumers, and businesses, is staggering.  

One of those primary services being offered to businesses today is known as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Client Relations Management). Released in November 2016, Dynamics 365 is a part of a Dynamics 365 product-line that focuses on enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and applications that allow ease and efficiency in relation. 

Dynamics 365 has become a popular staple among free enterprise, but why is that? Here are a few reasons below as to why Microsoft continues to dominate the game regarding big business:

A Familiar Platform

Microsoft has been around for a long time, and as mentioned, continues to be a pioneer in the world of tech. Ultimately, with product maintaining its quality and high standards, there is not much interest in change. Familiarity is king when it comes to businesses, big and small. Familiarity brings ease, efficiency, and eases problems in regard to employee training. There's a bit less worry about in regard to learning new software when you inherently understand the platform.

Seamless Integration

It also allows for the all important seamless integration. The Dynamics 365 platform can easily be integrated with other Microsoft products and tools, which include the commonly used Office 365 applications, as well as Outlook. For example, a few of the common, adaptable features of Dynamics is as follows:

And much more!

Global Solutions

Considering today's digitally dominant market, virtually all manufacturers are doing business in several countries at once. Because of this growing phenomena, the supply chain has unfortunately become more complicated; difficult to manage. This results in a problem in regard to maintaining costs, profitability, while also retaining quality customer service.

Thankfully, one of the biggest advantages offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it supports the global business processes via a single cloud solution. That means time zones, languages, currencies, and compliance with several reporting and banking standards are able to simultaneously be managed from a single source. This helps to provide not only consistency, but especially proper organization.


Best of all for businesses looking for the best bang-for-your-buck CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers functionality, reliability, and flexibility at an affordable price when contrasted with it's competitors in the CRM market, and all from the world's most premiere tech company.

By offering several different pricing plans targeted towards the beginner business owner, all the way up to a major enterprise, Microsoft allows each growing company an opportunity to work within its system. In other words, your investment will be tiered towards where you are now as a company, never paying too much, or too little, for what you need right now.

How can my Business Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

If you are near Cremorne, Victoria, Australia, and looking for business solutions at an affordable price, that can bring about the best in your software from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more, please contact us or give us a call at +61 3 9428 9227. We can help grow your business, and bring out the most efficient, and effective ways to maximize profitability.


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