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2 Nov

Whats Brand New in Modern Web Development: 3 Tips

Your web development must stay up to the minute if you expect to maintain a loyal customer base for good SEO. Here are three tips for modern web development with a mind to increased visibility within the three major search engines.

Make Tall, Not Wide.
As mobile takes over more of the market, the trend in web design is that the customer should scroll first and click second. Although touchscreen display is all the rage, most business oriented mobile customers prefer the surety of scrolling.

Make sure your web page scrolls up and down, not side to side. Multiple column pages are a thing of the past.

Don''t Worry About the Fold.
Feel free to fill the top part of your web page with large, enticing images with no text at all. People are now used to scrolling, relieving the webmaster of having to put everything "above the fold." Images have more power to create interest than text anyway, and now you have the ability to use it.

Value Speed Over Complexity.
25 percent of people will abandon a website that takes over four seconds to show fully on a display screen. With all of the big, beautiful images you have on your website, make sure you are not using the entire resource base of the display tool. Using flat design and material design will help you avoid using too many resources.

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