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12 May

What to Expect in The New Progress Sitefinity 10

In the face of rapidly changing the digital world, the management and marketing should get handled with an utmost expertise to maximize agility to succeed today. Progress Sitefinity provides developers and marketing teams with the necessary tools required to sustain their marketing efficiency by delivering a variety of services aimed at making the services a seamless experience across different technologies. To continually help teams foster customer experience, there are new trends in progress Sitefinity like:

Allowing third-party user authentication

With a new simplified API, website users can now login to the site with other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google and make some changes or create accounts. The basic requirement however to create a new account or login is your recognized email which acts to identify you.

Increased enterprise security

With the new progress Sitefinity, managing user rights and complex identity management is now easier than you may think. The new efficiency allows you to integrate with ADFS or LDAP to instantly authorize the site users hence making it easier to manage user access for many users.

Afraid of project leaks? Worry no more

For developers who want to create a website but need to keep it a secret until it is ready to launch, the biggest fear is someone leaking out the unfinished website project prematurely. With the new progress Sitefinity, the “Sitefinity site shield” comes to provide you with the protection needed to keep your project secure and safe from leaks. Marketing managers or company managers can invite stakeholders to the secured website and monitor all the activities taking place on the site including how the others access the site and from what device. With the feature, managers can stay ahead in their project deliberations and deliver at their stipulated times.

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