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29 Nov

What Should Developers Be Learning?

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Having a problem or goal always makes it easier to learn. You will go to great lengths to solve or reach the target. Below are some of the programming languages and goals they will help you achieve.


It is the senior-most programming language, developed in the 70's. Most programming languages use c as their building block. Programmers mainly use this language for implementing some applications and operating systems. Before trying other languages, it is advisable to study c as it is a foundation for most programs.


It is an advanced version of c. Browsers such as Firefox greatly depend on c++. You can use c++ to develop video games, high-performance servers, system, and application software.


It is a one stop shop language that is quite easy to grasp for beginners. It requires few lines of coding and is highly readable as compared to other languages. Python is a server-side scripting language thus used to power mobile apps, websites, web apps and for data analysis. 


The language is essential for development of animated and interactive web functions. Its design is in the c-language syntax. Simple interactive operations on the internet depend on JavaScript. Other applications are writing desktop applications and development of games.


This is currently the most sought out programming in the tech-world. Sun Micro systems developed Java in the 1990's to perform functions such as games and mobile app development, and Android system development.

Java doesn't need recompilation when in a new platform thus its vast market. For example, you can transfer your photos from Windows to Mac OS without compatibility drama. Contact us for more.

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