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8 Oct

What Makes a Great Developer

Girls in tech

Let us discuss what exactly makes a great developer. Is a great developer a great developer because he or she is a genius? Because he or she followed their dreams? No, a great developer is someone who can take their ideas from their imagination and implement it into their own art piece, be it a computer program or game, an invention, etc.

The important thing to note about developers isn''t that they simply write strings of code because they are told to. A great developer passionately does this as it is the greatest pleasure for them to realize the thing they happened to think about once before, is now coming to life.

Wait, what about the great developers out there who don''t necessarily have a passionate opinion regarding developing, but they still learned the skills required to actually create what they wanted? That''s right, great developers not only have imagination, passion, and creativity. They also have the determination to get what needs to be done, done. They spend years studying in order to achieve their ultimate goals as they see colleagues get left behind or surpass them. They strive to reach the top of the ladder which happens to be missing rungs but the materials to build them are left conveniently placed close by.

A Great Developer doesn''t need to be some genius programmer who was able to learn every language in record time and even invented his/her own. The only thing they need is determination to reach their goals so that they may implement their imagination and creativity in such a way that they will be able to be passionate about their work.

A great developer also tends to struggle daily. Their work may be backed by passion, but it is of a difficulty greater than you would imagine. They must be calculative, able to reason, and logical while also keeping their mind open to new things. They must learn daily as new techniques and programs are brought out into the light. They must apply their own techniques while also revising them and optimizing them.

Every day a developer must reevaluate a program they wrote to see if it has any kinks needing to be fixed, or fatal errors needed to be repaired. Even with all of the imagination, creativity, passion, and determination, a great developer (no, any developer) must struggle against themselves and their work in order to create what needs to be created.
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