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7 Nov

What is Your Mobile Strategy? Finding Methods Toward Real-Time and Localized Marketing


What is Your Mobile Strategy? Finding Methods Toward Real-Time and Localized Marketing

Creating a mobile strategy has moved to the forefront of all marketing plans next to formulating compelling content. The two work in tandem anyway (and with everything else) when you consider mobile gets used for nearly everything now. With the most recent statistics showing mobile media time outdoing desktop (or any other media), you can see why avoiding a mobile strategy is equivalent to ignoring an elephant in a small room.

How do you get yourself organized for mobile so it''s done in a smart way rather than looking forced? You have to think of what kind of content works the best on mobile, how consumers use your mobile content, plus how local you can make mobile marketing.

Creating Content Suitable for Mobile Devices

You already know about responsive and adaptive design in the world of mobile, and you need to apply those aspects to how your content works on mobile operating systems. It''s always a good idea to test how your content looks before going live so you know it conforms.

If you initially designed your content for desktops, you need to see what you can do to reformat it for mobile screens. This includes the growing use of wearables for an even smaller screen.

Don''t make a user have to scroll on their mobile device to see all of your content, or the user may move on to your competition.

Mobile and Making Buying Decisions

Real-time marketing is a major trend to help capture people in the moment to make better buying decisions. This means the use of real-time tools like ibeacon technology for more geographic and localized marketing.

Localized mobile marketing is an important aspect to help you gain more customers near where you are. When you use more geographic features in your mobile content, you make it easier for people to find you in a hurry to take advantage of sales. Along with interactive features, you can also provide a way for customers to compare your prices to your competitors as proof you''re the best buying choice.

Using Your Website Over an App

Other stats show mobile users prefer looking at websites on mobile over app usage, and you should keep this in mind in your mobile strategy. This might be surprising considering app popularity, though website usage occurs from people making localized online searches.

It''s all the more reason to remember to optimize your website for mobile by using localized SEO and creating compelling content that gets you to the top of Google. A well-optimized mobile site conforms to Google''s rules and matters in where you rank.

Contact us here at Folio1 so we can help you with your mobile strategy and make it work for the demands of your audience.

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