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What is Intrusion Testing

In modern computing, there is a constant risk of viruses and other malicious software damaging your system. As a business this can be detrimental to both your privacy and your bottom line. While there are plenty of business class anti-virus programs and other security measures, modern businesses need to be more proactive if they want to ensure their network is safe from hackers and other criminals. This is where intrusion testing, more commonly know as penetration testing, comes in.

But what is intrusion testing? It''s basically an attack on your own system (that you approve) to probe for weaknesses. Think of it like walking around the perimeter of your house, looking for vulnerabilities so you can secure them. Finding the holes in your network''s security before someone else does is paramount to cyber security, and means that intrusion testing should be done periodically because of how frequently software updates and changes. Just because your data is secure today doesn''t mean it will be tomorrow, so it''s important to be proactive in your cyber security.

Conducting intrusion testing isn''t something businesses think of when they think of protecting themselves from data thieves and hackers because it''s not something discussed that frequently outside of tech circles, but it''s arguably the most important part of any cyber security plan. Make sure your business allocates resources towards it and that it''s a priority, otherwise someone else might find the holes before you do. And that''s the last thing any business needs to be successful.

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