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13 Apr

What Are Some of Neatest Newest Application Development Tools?

Lately some very neat application development tools have been emerging in the web design fields. There has also been a great deal of recent activity focused on making powerful, accessible tools that are used to build mobile apps.

None of this is surprising given the huge amount of growth that has transpired in recent years. As Jacob Gube in smashingmagazine.com reports, "...this decade has witnessed a transformation of the Web. Not only has it become more ubiquitous — the Web had at least 1.5 billion users globally in 2008 (that number has increased to 3.2 billion as of May 2015, according to bbc.com) — but websites have become so complex and feature-rich that, to be effective, they must have great user experience designs...Additionally, users have been accessing websites in an increasing number of ways: mobile devices, a vast landscape of browsers, different types of Internet connections."

So how many app building tools are there these days? According to Reuven Cohen writing in Forbes.com, "There are literally hundreds of App building tools out there." Indeed some of them are quite amazing. Reuven Cohen highlights one such tool called Conduit: "By far the simplest mobile application builder I’ve found is from Conduit. Their pitch is pretty simple, “build stunning app designs quick and easy — no coding, one click and it’s ready!” I’ve tried the application for a Virtustream Mobile App and I was literally able to develop an App for both iOS and Android in a matter of minutes." Wow!

Turning now to the web design realm, how about Adobe Dreamweaver? Scott Ge reports from scottge.net: "The all-in-one web authoring toolset now helps you build modern sites that adapt to fit any size screen, and you can make them look great with beautiful, high-quality images from new Adobe Stock."

Some of the most helpful tools are small and very clever time and task saving devices. Such a one is called Instant Eyedropper which gives you the ability to grab any color from off the web in an ingenious, super-simple way. "Instant Eyedropper is a free color detection tool for webmasters that will identify and automatically paste to the clipboard the HTML color code of any pixel on the screen with just a single mouse click."

Finally there''s a tool, or set of tools rather, called UXPin for serious web site development that allows you to build from scratch "use(ing) one of the many element libraries, which include UX patterns from frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, iOS and many more," according to Dan Edwards writing in creativebloq.com. This tool has tremendous flexibility and is particularly suited for collaborative projects. "Finally, sharing and commenting on designs is really simple too. A point-and-click interface makes it easy for clients to add comments on certain elements and have them reviewed."

It''s quite a juggle keeping up with the latest web site developments and attempting to make all of these bits and more interact successfully with the myriad mobile devices that your customers, clients, employees, vendors, etc., use.

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