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18 Mar

Web Development in 2016 Some Exciting New Trends That You Ought to be Mindful of

The vast and ever-changing world of web development is about to become much more colorful and exciting. Some of the new trends that are emerging in 2016 are very promising for those who really enjoy high-quality graphics and artistry.

One of the biggest trends in 2016 will be videos. According to forbes.com from December 28, 2015, videos have been hot in the past couple of years and that trend will only continue. To quote Tomas Laurinavicius, "the video will keep growing in terms of content and web design element." It sure seems like videos are being shared and talked about much more often, and that they are becoming more and more spectacular.

A very welcome trend this year is a move away from heavy reliance on stock photos toward top-quality custom photography. Expect more and more amazing high-definition hero images that competing web sites use to immediately capture the users'' attention. Beautiful high-definition backgrounds and excellent high-definition videos already are commonplace and will become more so.

In 2016, serious custom art work will be involved in making the web experience more engaging and enjoyable. Look for "more web designs showcasing colorful custom illustrations, as well as stylish hand-drawn icon fonts and SVG icons that remain crisp and beautiful at any screen resolution."

What does this wonderful sensory smorgasbord mean to you if, let''s say, you are in charge of marketing, a huge part of which includes maintaining a commanding presence on the web? It means you had better stay ahead of your competitors who will, of course, try to utilize these attention-getting technological marvels to their maximum advantage. It would definitely be wise to consider enlisting the expert services of a full-fledged web development organization like folio1. Please contact us for more information.

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