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6 Dec

Web Development: Creating a Site with Inbound Marketing in Mind

Inbound marketing is a critical piece of any marketing strategy. The look and experience of a website can heavily impact the success attracting users. Let's take a look at some of the ways great web development can enhance the overall effectiveness of inbound tactics:

1. Blogs

A company or organization blog needs to be found by viewers in order to be read. By placing a link to a blog prominently on a site, and offering a well-designed custom blog page, your readers can enjoy a great user experience. Blogs not only subtly promote your brand, but they can also inform or inspire.

2. Free eBooks, Media, or Guides

Free media can make a site more "sticky." Customers, potential customers, and users of your site can enjoy cool guides and eBooks, while also signing up to receive marketing promotions.

3. Content

Typically, the better the user experience, the easier it is to read the content. As users spend time reading, clicking, and sharing content, the value of your SEO efforts may go up. 

4. Overall Brand Identity

A custom-designed website makes the overall branding of an organization and business much more distinguished. Brand identity makes a site more memorable and could convince users to come back over and over.

5. Freemium and Subscription Plans

A site with reminders to people to sign-up for freemium or subscription plans can help to convert visitors to customers. Whether the site has a cool pop-up reminder or updates added periodically, professional web design can make a big difference.

6. Social Media

Well-placed social media feeds on a site help to engage viewers in a conversation. Visitors to a site may join Facebook pages, share posts, or like Tweets. By making your site interactive and easy to navigate, users can become more attached to your brand.

To learn more about how web development can strengthen inbound strategies, contact us.

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