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Web Development and Google Chrome-Phasing out Adobe Flash Player

Web Developers take note. Google has announced they will be phasing out support for Adobe Flash Player in their Chrome browser in the last quarter of 2016.

As part of Google''s transition to HTML5 support only, Google will be making multiple alterations to their Chrome browser. Starting in this year''s fourth quarter, new versions of Chrome will have Adobe Flash disabled by default. Any JavaScript code that attempts to find the Flash plug-in will not find it and any embedded Flash content will not run in the new versions of Chrome.

In order to make the transition a bit easier for Chrome users, the browser will ask if Flash should be enabled for older sites still incorporating the Flash Player. Of course, with every rule there are always exceptions. Google has decided to leave Adobe Flash automatically enabled for a number of high-profile websites such as YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and Twitch. Google plans to periodically revise their website white-list throughout the following year and remove those sites which have transitioned away from Adobe Flash.

For corporate intranet users, Google still plans to offer them a policy which will enable them to run Flash content if necessary. Browser-based games will be the last bastion to fall away from Flash Player as many of those sites are heavily dependent upon on Flash and are not easily transitioned over to the use of HTML5.

For more information on Google Chrome''s transition process from Flash to HTML5 and how it impacts your business.

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