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13 Jan

Various uses of enterprise robotic process automation (RPA)

Folio1 Startup News

At folio 1, we are pioneering commercial, as well as open-source technology adoption. The primary goal of our activities is to find new methods to integrate the existing software and systems in a way that drives your business faster. We have years of experience and a qualified professional team, which helps us execute complex and long-lasting solutions.

We can help you improve your organizational activities by:

We partner with world leading software providers such as SiteCore Adobe, Sitefinity, and SAP in implementing end-to-end solutions, which blend your requirements and the range of technology portfolios. We develop solutions in a range of areas including marketing platforms, e-commerce, extranets and B2B portals, and customized applications. Among these customized applications is enterprise robotic process automation (RPA), where technology is used to allow employees to configure computer software and capture and interpret existing applications to process transactions, manipulate data, trigger response, and communicate with other systems, while improving compliance.

Robotic process automation facilitates a range of technological activities including:

1. IT support and management

Automation in remote management of IT infrastructure can identify and solve problems to enhance faster throughput. Robotics Process Automation can enhance service desk operations and monitor network devices. Besides, it separates scalability from human resources, thus allowing your company to handle all kinds of demands without having to recruit or train employees. This ensures increased productivity and lower costs. 

2. Process automation

Process automation can help expedite back office tasks in procurement, supply, finance, accounting, supply chain management, human resource and customer service in data entry, the creation of online access credentials, purchase order issuing, and business processes, which require swivel chair access to several existing systems.

3. Automated assistant

RPA has promoted development in how machines, work to process language, retrieve information, and configure primary content. RPA can provide answers to customers and employee in natural language through voice recognition software and automated assistants. RPA technology helps conserve resources for customer interaction centers and large call centers hence reducing costs.

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