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25 Mar

UX Pattern Libraries Are Wonderful Powerful Tools That Can Transform Your Online Presence.

Your web site is one of approximately one billion others. Of course, only a small fraction of those are in your competitive space. Even so, that probably amounts to quite a lot, both in terms of the number of sites and/or the number of pages that are designed to snare your potential customers and draw them away. So a question you should be asking is, how is it possible to ensure that your customers are getting a better experience visiting your site than the sites of your competitors?

If your web site isn''t pulling in as many customers as you think it should, maybe it is time to give it a whole new look and feel. An excellent way to do this is through a process called modular web design, which makes use of UX pattern libraries.

UX (the UX stands for user experience) pattern libraries are stores of web site building blocks. These building blocks are customized to fit the needs of your web site and are designed to be adaptable and reusable, and basically independent of other parts. They range from simple things like buttons, lists, tables, etc., to more complex functioning units with multiple parts like page headers and footers. The idea is to take all of these wonderful, clever bits and creatively arrange them to form a useful, beautiful, and professional presentation. Naturally, high expertise levels are required to really bring out the best possibilities.

Maybe it''s time to utilize the advantages of a full-service web development firm like Folio1.

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