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4 Aug

Use of Containers for DevOps


In recent years, DevOps has emerged as a combination of software development, integration, and administration practices that enable a company to efficiently produce and deliver a product. Processes related to DevOps include Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, as well as many techniques for allowing the same team to have responsibility for the management of software release and maintenance. A recent technology that is of use for DevOps is containers. Containers have the potential to improve the processes used in DevOps.

What is a container?

A container is a package consisting of an application along with all the libraries and frameworks needed to run it on an operating system. Unlike a virtual machine, it does not contain its own separate operating system. It does, however, eliminate problems with compatibility among different versions of environments by being self-contained with everything needed to run the application.

A company that specializes in containers is Docker. Linux, however, has had this capability built into it for a long time already. There is also a free, open source container management system called Kubernetes. Large companies are starting to develop an interest in using and developing containers as well.

How are containers useful for DevOps?

Containers are a beneficial tool for use in DevOps. By having a package with everything needed to run an application, it minimizes difficulties moving from development to testing and production. Continuous delivery is easier to implement because the process is smoother by isolating different services in separate containers. It is easy to make changes to the application’s environment because once you get it working in one environment, you know it will work in all the others.

More companies are using containers in DevOps and finding them effective and useful. By experimenting with container technology, a company can try a new development model that can have significant benefits.

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