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26 Oct

Understanding Responsive Design

Having a fully responsive design is no longer an option for your business. You must have a responsive website to maximize your visibility and correlate most efficiently with your potential audience on the Internet. Here are some of the most important aspects of responsive design that you must understand.

Responsive Design is Mobile First Design

Designing your marketing outlay for the mobile environment first is a smart decision. According to a recent Forbes study, mobile commerce will overtake desktop commerce for the first time this year. You will actually engage more customers through a responsive design for smart phones and tablets then you will for a laptop or desktop.

Do Not Be Afraid of Minimalism

Flat design and material design, both designs geared specifically towards mobile responsive websites, are two of the most popular design formats in the world today. Although they are quite efficient on resources, the vector base and sharp edges create a very recognizable look for any website. Consider using one of these two design templates for your responsive website – the familiarity tends to help when it comes to customer acquisition.

Modified Laptop Design is not Responsive Design

You cannot take a smaller version of your laptop web design and create a responsive design from it. First of all, Google will not recognize the design as valid. Secondly, laptop designs tend to look silly on smart phones.

Please feel free to contact us for questions that you have on responsive design. We pride ourselves on giving our clients compliant websites that maximize optimization and opportunity for visibility online.

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