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6 Jul

UI, UX Design, And Customer Experiences

Although a user experience and a customer experience may seem like they should be the same, they are two different things. Many designers will have a big part in the UI & UX design, but they should not forget about the customer experience part of the process.

The customer experience has to do with every part of the process, from when customers are making product and price comparisons to when customers reach out the support team for help.

The UX is about the user''s experience when it comes to a specific service or a specific product, but it can also relate to a website or a mobile app. The design of the website or app, its usability, and the ease or difficulty of navigation create the UX, regardless if it is negative or positive.


A Good UX Design Imagine customers wanting to buy a train ticket. If there is an application that allows customers to search for destinations, browse the tickets, and download the train ticket, do you think most customers would prefer to go that route? We think so too. Even if that customer has never used an app to download a train ticket, if the user interface is effective and efficient, it will certainly be easier to book the train.

If the UX is good, then the customer experience will be good too, right? Not exactly. The app could be the best thing about the entire process because a bad customer can include rude staff members, not enough staff members, or unusually long waiting periods.

The customer experience is one large field, and the UX design is one part of that. How well is your UX design? How well is your customer experience? Contact us today to learn more about UX design and how your brand can deliver great user experiences and customer experiences.

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