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7 Apr

Three ways to measure your marketing apps customer experience

In this digital era, many organizations strive to find the best form of applications to supplement their marketing strategies. While it's not a bad idea to enhance your marketing efforts with technology, it is a brilliant idea to find the best applications for that course.      

Every good organization manager knows the success of an organization, or a marketing team's efficiency lies in the ability to provide efficient and timely customer feedback. App developers in the marketing industry have focused on making applications with quality customer feedback mechanism. However, at the end of the day, the sure way to measure a client's experience, lies in the hand of the marketer. So, how can you measure a customer's experience using your marketing app?

Use of customer satisfaction survey method   

Every marketer knows the study approach that they adopt in the field. However, to get accurate and genuine comments from the customers, you should come up with the study details that are easy to fill and reduce the duration it takes to conduct a survey with each customer. Also, after reviewing the details, you need to make provision for the client to jot down comments on how they feel about the services or the app.   

Customer churn rate   

The method involves monitoring the usage of your app by clients from the moment you roll it out. If you notice that after introducing the app to your customers the usage has gone up, then you know the app is good, and that customers love it. If you notice a lot of clients drop usage of the inbuilt app after some days, then there is a problem that needs fixing.   

Use a secret customer   

You can use your friend or even yourself by putting yourself in the shoes of the client. You can experiment and find out how easy it was to download the application, log in, how easy it was to get answers from the organization's team on questions about their products, among other things. Talk to us now for more information.

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