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7 Jul

Three Innovative Startups That Could Change The World

Is there anything more exciting in the business or technology world than the startup? It's usually a new idea with a new approach founded by a leader with clear and ambitious vision. The startup has the ability to change the world. Of course, it can also fall flat on its face and never be heard from again. We choose to think more optimistically, which is why we''re posting this little ditty about these three innovative startups that bear watching for changing the world possibilities as 2016 rolls on.

Fetch - Nope, it''s not a franchise of doggie workout facilities... wait a second, that might not be such a bad idea... Anyway, Fetch is a robotics company destined to change the warehouse industry. Fortunately for us mere humans, it''s not designed to eliminate the need for jobs, but actually to work in collaboration with human warehouse personnel to create an overall faster and more streamlined warehouse operation. A good reason to keep an eye on the innovation this company is working on is that Amazon is already buying in. In case you didn''t know, that''s a really good sign!

Blippar - They say you shouldn''t try to reinvent the wheel. Well, Blipped doesn''t care what those people think, except it''s not the wheel they''re trying to reinvent, just Internet search. Yeah, we all may think that Google has that pretty much covered at this point, but Blippar believes otherwise. They are trying to develop an augmented reality app that will allow us to gain all the search information we would ever need simply by pointing your phone at any ordinary object. For example, you point your smartphone with the Blippar app enabled at a bottle of soda, Blippar hopes to be able to tell you what the ingredients are in that soda, where it was bottled, where you purchased it, and maybe even a little history behind the brand.

Hyperloop Technologies - From the day I first saw George Jetson turn off his anti-gravity belt and step into the tube to be shot up to his apartment home, I knew that somebody would actually make that happen as a viable means of transportation someday. Hyperloop is working on transporting people through specialized environments created inside tubes that would be linked all over the world. This would all happen at a mere fraction of the energy it takes to move trains, plains, and automobiles. Why is this a good idea? A guy by the name of Elon Musk first thought of it in 2013. A public transportation system for energy efficient and technologically advanced is the ambition of Hyperloop. At "Folio1" we are passionate about technological innovation and customer service. Please contact us today for more information on any of our services.

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