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7 Dec

The Screen as a Canvas: Choosing Colors in Web Development

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Choosing the ideal color palette for a site can help make or break the look of a brand. People tend to associate specific colors with feelings, products, and ideas. So how does one choose colors for a product? While it depends on a lot of factors, there are a lot of cool tools out there on the web to help you figure out your next color scheme.

In web development, the number of colors chosen can make a site look more busy or minimalist. Designers mull over many considerations when it comes to colors, ranging from dark vs. light, contrast, and harmony. It's also necessary to consider smooth, shiny, or textured looks for a site. The overall readability of a site is important, so user testing can help determine if the colors are helpful or too distracting. Many brands have style guides that are helpful for assigning colors to specific site elements.

Here's a brief guide to some color selecting tools:

1. Paletton

This site enables you to choose colors on an interactive wheel - so that you can pick shades, adjacent colors, triads and more. You can view show shades and colors look next to each other in a convenient box model, and you can fine tune your palette to make it as perfect as you desire.

2. Shutterstock Labs

This site allows the user to pick colors based on stock imagery. Therefore, you can choose colors based on flowers, leaves, mountains and more. This site makes it easy to create color combinations based on specific image or concept themes.

3. Adobe Color

Adobe Color provides user-friendly options to create color combos, such as analogous, monochromatic, and custom shades. You can adjust colors with sliders and color wheel selectors. The options include ways to adjust shade and hue. The large color palette row makes this site enjoyable as you play around with color combinations.

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