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The Revolution of IoT

The term Internet of Things is more than just a buzzword for techies and business executives. It carries the weight of an inevitable revolution. The IoT is the dawn of the future of the Internet and technology. The IoT is transforming business as we know it today.

What Is the IoT?

The IoT is an extension of the Internet's ability to seamlessly connect stationary and mobile computers to other things. A thing is anything that gets a unique IP address such as heart monitors for people, biochip transponders for animals, and automobile sensors.

How Will It Work?

These devices will collect and share information with each other over wireless technologies autonomously, absent of human intervention. This is in contrast to the current scenario where computers and hence the Internet rely on human beings for information.

What Lies Ahead?

The hype surrounding the IoT is often misrepresentation of complexity of launching and successfully running IoT services. A Cisco study showed that service providers spend approximately $5 million in operating expenses to manage 100,000 IoT devices annually.

However, the potential of IoT lies in its promise to drive positive results for businesses by seamlessly and autonomously collecting and exchanging accurate data. The IoT is an intelligent network architecture that will;

  1. Form the foundation for smart cities by implementing solutions to solve urban strains like parking, lighting, waste management, and traffic.
  2. Improve efficiency in manufacturing by digitizing operations for peak production.
  3. Eliminate boundaries in healthcare by linking R&D with manufacturing, customizing patient experiences, and enabling remote doctor-patient consultation.
  4. Transform financial services courtesy of an intuitive network infrastructure that will streamline operations, seal loopholes in data security, and customer privacy, and enhance regulatory compliance.

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