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3 Jun

The Mechanics of Agile Project Management

What is agile methodology?
The agile methodology is an innovative module used primarily in software development to supplement a fast-paced, highly unpredictable working environment. This type of methodology aids product owners and their teams produce sustainable, authentic, and competitive product, while also enjoying the freedom to share ideas, change direction, and mediate workflow.

What is different about agile project management?
The most differentiating quality of the agile methodology module is the lack of an actual project manager role. Instead of a sole individual orchestrating projects, responsibilities are distributed to the product owner, Scrum Master, and team. By sharing responsibilities, the agile methodology is able to promote an organized workflow, team productivity, and collaboration.

How are responsibilities organized?
In general, projects utilizing the agile methodology will be working with the Scrum model. The Scrum Model is based upon three main roles: the team, the Scrum Master, and the product owner.

Product Owner
The product owner drives all business aspects. While this includes verifying that the product being built is the right one, it also requires a difficult balancing of all priorities. From being available to the team to making decisions about the product, the product owner handles big picture decisions and tasks.

The ScrumMaster is as close to a project facilitator as can be using the Scrum model. They act as the maestro of agile project management. Typical responsibilities include promoting team collaboration and removing roadblocks. The ScrumMaster will also handle administrative duties such as organizing meetings and discussions, tracking progress, and troubleshooting issues.

The Team
Even though the product owner determines the objectives, it is the team that assumes agile project management by organizing and achieving said goals. The team is a democratic institution. They strive to utilize each member’s strengths and capabilities to divide and assign tasks, as well as collaboratively devise technical practices.

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