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21 Jun

The Latest Technology-No More Passwords For Google?

For decades users have faithfully tried to remember a myriad of cryptic passwords they needed to gain access to all their private accounts. Some gave up and fell back on simple passwords like "password", "1234" or names of their loved ones. This of course, left them open to a host of account vulnerabilities. Now Google is trying to change all that and make our personal accounts just that, personal.

Google has released a new feature called the "Trust API" to a group of developers at their company''s recent I/O conference. Google has decided to take a slightly different approach and rely upon a series of weaker indicators in order to determine you are who you say you are.

Google hopes to construct a form of user identification that incorporates some of the more obvious indicators of an individual such as their voice and face shape patterns, along with less obvious indicators such as how an individual swipes a screen, how they type and how they move. Any one of these components is not enough to stand on its own to concretely identify an individual. However all coupled together, Google hopes to prove the individual parts become a synergistic method of accurately identifying a particular individual.

Although currently this technology is available to only a few select large financial institutions for testing, Google hopes to have this new feature available to all Android developers by the end of 2016. For more information on the latest technology trends and how they have an impact on your business, please contact us.

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