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18 Dec

The Latest in Web Development

Web Development refers to the tasks affiliated with developing websites for hosting through Internet or intranet. The process includes Web Content development, Web Design, scripting and network security configuration. Web developers convert static layout into a dynamic website. They use content and image sliders, active states for buttons, links and other interactive elements. Read more about web development trends for 2016.

Motion User Interface: You will see an increased popularity of Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets. This library is for creating flexible Cascading Styling Sheets animations and transitions. The updated version has more robust transition options, a queueing system and flexible CSS.

Node.js Shift: There will be a shift in web application development to Node.js. This JavaScript runtime is built on Chrome’s V8 Java Script engine. Teams will probably start using a single language on web projects.

Instagram: There will be an increase in the number of Instagram users and image sharing apps in general will offer more creative ways to share photographs and videos.

Internet of Things: More people will have access to kits that make their household appliances smart. IoT platforms will continue to displace hardware.

Single Page Application: Internet Technology professionals will produce more single page applications. You already can execute some of them from a local file using a Uniform Resource Locator scheme.

A technical services firm can help you bring digital programs and products to market. Their strategists are dedicated to learning about your goals and needs so that they can help to shift the behavior of your online users.

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