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2 Feb

The Latest in UI and UX Design for Game Makers

We often get questions about how UI and UX Design can make a difference in the rollout of new products. Games are an example of a popular medium that companies of every size commission for their unique purposes. If you want to make employee training more fun or create an app that customers can play on their smartphone or mobile device, you want to invest in expert user design.

recent article outlined four principles of UI and UX design for game makers. We want to highlight the fourth principle in this post. According to Daniel Doan, "Apart from games that deal with heavy content and material, all other game UI should be simple for users to understand without requiring them to wade through pages of information before they can begin to play the game." This concept is easy to generalize to virtually all applications.

To create a great game, you might feel tempted to provide tools such as a FAQ, a glossary of jargon terms, and a tutorial everywhere you think that customers might need an explanation. Extra features can make or break a game or an app even when your intent is to be helpful. Too much information can bog down the user experience. Your overarching goal is to keep the game or app''s navigation scheme as intuitive and simple as possible.

Consumers can be very critical of their user experience. They make up their minds usually the first time they play a game or use an app about whether to try it again. They get easily frustrated with features that are cumbersome or hold them up from completing their desired action. Be honest in where you add features. For example, Doan''s article suggest that you don''t add features to a game that will bait customers to take an action. Keep your app or game transparent. We want to help you design with integrity. For more information, please contact us.

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