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8 Jan

The Importance of Usability Testing and Research

Whenever we get clients who don''t understand the many stages of testing a new website or app for the market, we underscore the importance of usability testing and research. On the surface, this testing phase means having different users who match your target demographics try the prototype version of the product. We identify any problems, if any, that may arise, and then our developers go back to the studio and fix them. We want to ensure that the final product you buy matches all of your project''s goals and incorporates the best practices in User Experience and User Interface design.  

Dig a Little Deeper

If you scratch below the surface as we love to do, usability testing looks at specific aspects of your user''s experience. Two aspects come to mind as particularly important in our fast-paced digital world. One is the ability of people who speak different languages to have a good experience with your product. That''s why photos are a good way to communicate meaning to all users. Another, according to the Nielsen Norman Group, is the timing of things on your product. On the one hand is the timing that it takes for users to complete their desired tasks, such as building a profile. On the other hand, we look at the time users must wait before the product completes a task. Your application must inform people of their choices and allow them to work at their own pace. It should give users reasonable expectations when they must wait for something to occur within the application.  

We can go on and on about how critical testing a website or app is to delivering a satisfactory user experience. For more details on our usability testing and research, please contact us.

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