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22 Sep

The Difference Between a Cloud App and a Web App

While the terms cloud app and web app are similar, they aren''t interchangeable. There are some notable differences between cloud and web apps. When looking at a cloud app vs. web app, a cloud app is basically like an evolved web app. Both are equally used to access online services, but unlike web apps, cloud apps aren''t exclusively dependent on browsers.

Cloud App Characteristics
There are cloud apps for every business, regardless of the industry. Here are some of the basic features of a cloud app:

Web App Characteristics

Web browsers are defined as software applications allowing users to retrieve data and interact with content that is located on web pages. Web apps are generally designed to be used from a web browser only. They are developed using a combination of server-side script and client-side script. Examples of web applications commonly used in business include:

While all cloud apps can be categorized as web apps, all web apps aren''t cloud apps. The additional access and customization options sets cloud apps apart from web apps.
Whether you''re looking to shift your current web app to a cloud app or starting from scratch, we can help. Feel free to contact us to discuss your business and software needs.

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